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Code of Ethics
Please Read before Committing

1) We only breed from health tested parents. Our Breeding dogs are Hip scored, elbow scored, BVA Eye Tested & DNA Tested for inherent diseases.
2)only to breed from dogs with good temperaments and type any of our young breeding hopefuls that do not meet our very stringent health requirements, will be spayed/neutered and placed in a loving pet home.
3) Bitches will be checked by our vets prior to being bred from
4) Our breeding males and females are socialized with the family and are fed the very best food
5)Our breeding dogs are vaccinated wormed and flea treated at regular intervals. We also take our vets' recommendations at all times
6)All puppies are micro chipped for your peace of mind and registered with Pettrac
7) Puppies are born in our family home where the receive early socialization with everyday sounds and experiences with family, including the children, from an early age.  We use paper training, playpen and crate training with positive reward training implemented.
8) Puppies are wormed regularly, flea treated before leaving to join their new families.
9) Puppies are sold as Pets Only.  Our Australian Labradoodles will have their first vaccination, health check and are spayed/neutered aged approx 7-8 weeks before leaving for their new homes. Information about the early neutering is available on request.  We do not offer spay/neuter contracts.
10)We sometimes offer potential Breeding Stock for responsible experienced person/persons wanting to breed.  In this instance the breeder will be expected to enter into a different Agreement and different rules apply .  A Breeders Contract would apply. 
11) We will never deliver Puppies (unless Govt Emergency restrictions do not allow collection), or sell to Pet shops or 3rd Parties.  Customers are responsible for insuring their puppy from the day of collection, we highly recommend this.  We ask puppy families to source their own puppy insurance.  We no longer offer the 4 weeks Petplan insurance.
12) Re-homing:  If your circumstances should unexpectedly change and you need to re-home your puppy/dog we will do our very best to find your puppy a suitable loving home, in the meantime the Puppy must stay with their current family until a suitable Puppy Purchaser becomes available.  Under No Circumstances do we have your puppy- dog back to our home  due to the risk of infection to our home/Premises.  It is less stressful for the puppy to stay with their family until alternative arrangements can be made.  We would Put an advert on our website should it become necessary.
13) We offer lifelong aftercare and advice for you and your new puppy
14) A Contract of Sale is given when collecting your puppy
15) All Puppies are given a puppy pack, information on diet, exercise and information on taking care of your puppy,
16) After reserving, you will be given our Rais Doodles Ebook which contains information on what you will need to buy in preparation for your new puppy. 
A day will be arranged to collect your Puppy

Deposit Explained:   The deposit is refundable ONLY if we fail to provide you with a puppy that you requested on your reserve form.  If we do not feel you are suitable for one of our puppies we have the right to withdraw your place on our list and refund your deposit.  Please Note: When the puppies have been born we will contact you with the collection day.  This normally falls on a weekend day.  There will be occasions when the day may be a week day. 
We value the security of our home and family and therefore we do not encourage visiting  in order to protect the puppies and our family from infectious disease and to implement our preventative healthcare plan.  We are not holding any view days and our Collections follow strict guidelines which will be explained fully in our correspondence.


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