Breeder Declaration & Disclamer


Rais Doodles will not be held responsible for any allergic reaction, that one may experience or develop. It is the responsibility of the Puppy Purchaser to seek Allergy Specialists advise Prior to Reserving a Puppy. We cannot guarantee 100% that your Labradoodle will not shed their coat, or their coat will not fade/lighten. There is no way of guaranteeing the exact size of Your Labradoodle when fully grown. If it becomes necessary through personal circumstances that a Puppy Purchaser needs to re-home their Labradoodle, we will make every effort to assist in finding an appropriate home, by way of advertising on our website. We will not have Puppies/dogs brought back to our home due to the risk of infection, and it is also less stressful for the puppy to stay with their current family until a suitable puppy family becomes available.

Thank you. 



Viewing day Problems



We are not able to change the allocated viewing day for people who cannot attend.   We have been asked to change days for football  practice,rugby practice, swimming, dancing, kids parties. We have to arrange people in the order they reserved, if you can not make the viewing day we can select your puppy and send you a picture. It is not always easy  to get families in the correct order. 



You will be required to wear protective boots and gloves,

And you will not be allowed to handle the puppies or dogs  due to the Parvovirus and other germs that are a risk.

The health of our puppies is our first priority we have been breeding for 23 years and feel experienced in this field.