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Labradoodle Information & Care




Our puppies are vaccinated at 6 weeks of age with Nobivac DHP/L4.  They require a final vaccination dose at 10 weeks of age (which is done with your own vet).  No further doses are required in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.  There is a substantial increase of Parvo Virus in the UK so please take every precaution and keep your dog's vaccinations up to date.  Parvo Virus can be spread by visiting places where unvaccinated dogs frequent - from the local park, to the high street, from foxes, badgers and other wild animals that may frequent your garden and also from breeder to breeder.  It is vital that you do not visit other breeders before collecting your puppy from Raisdoodles and ensure that your new puppy is quarantined until the full effects of the vaccination are in place (by 12 weeks).  Due to our very strict visiting policy, risk assessments and Prevenetative Healthcare Plan in place, we have never had a case of Parvo virus and we want to keep it that way.   

Kennel Cough is a nasty infection and rather like the common cold.  There are many strains but your vet will vaccinate against the most common strain when your puppy is 12 weeks old.  Your puppy may need this before joining any Doggy Day Care sessions or Puppy Training classes.  Our vet recommends this is done NOT BEFORE 12 weeks of age in order for the puppy's immune system not to be overloaded all at once.



We use Arden Grange puppy weaning food, which can be fed up to 6 mnths of age for small dogs, and 3 months of age for larger dogs, then you can change to  Puppy Junior for mini/mediums, and  puppy junior large breed for your large mediums/standards.



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We recommend to use the Advocate spot on every 4 wks, in conjunction with the Milbimax puppy wormer every 3 months approx.  You can get these from your vet.


Health Testing


All our dogs are rigorously health tested before breeding from.  Please note that the majority of inherited diseases can be tested via DNA samples.   The Australian Labradoodle is a Pure Breed and is NO LONGER being crossed so it can therefore be tested for diseases/codes commonly inherited.  These are predominantly but not exclusively:

PRA, DM, VWD, EIC, IC, and Genetic colour codes.

There are some health tests that cannot be genetically determined and the Hip and Elbow joints are tested via Xray which is sent to the British Veterinary Association (see below) who score the Hips and Elbows (left and right) to make a total.  The aim is to breed from Low scored parents - anything under 16 is the goal.  Hip and Elbow problems can arise due to a multitude of factors - with genetics playing a very small role in the development of offspring.  Diet, exercise, injury and environment all play leading roles in skeletal growth.


Bva Hips-

Bva Elbows-

Bva Eyes-

Pra -




ESN- Early Spay Neuter

ESN Information:  You will find on the following Links, Information on Early Spay Neuter, enabling you to make an informed decision. Please be aware that all genuine Australian Labradoodle Puppies should have had the ESN Procedure carried out prior to the puppy leaving the breeder. If any puppies are not ESN'd, then they are not the genuine Australian Labradoodles.



Early Age Desexing.pdf





vets_learn_procedure use.pdf


Pics Below taken only 3 days after the ESN

                           Boy Below                                                            Girl Below





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