How To Reserve Your Puppy?

1)  Complete-Enquiry/application  Form                         Click Here


2) complete reserve form                                             Click Here



3)Pay the Deposit of £300 by clicking here 

or you can pay over the phone.

Please note the deposits are refunded only if

we fail to provide you in the time frame stated.


{ For Balance Payments for your puppy on collection

we have credit card facilities for the balance payment.



4) Please email a Picture of your Safe secure garden


Please read this link



Please read this whole page scroll down

Please Note that we do not support customers who leave deposits with multiple breeders in order not to miss out on a puppy.  We are not able to refund your deposit unless we cannot supply you with a puppy.


To be fair to us as the breeder and you as the purchaser if you let us down or if you change your mind,then the deposit is non-Refundable }  The deposit is £300 ******


We offer a lifetime help and guidance and if any ones circumstances change and they are not able to carry on caring for their puppy we will do our very best to find a loving family home. we will not take a puppy/dog back to re-home, but we will re-home via the website and send any suitable families direct to you, this is to protect our home and premises from any disease or germs, also this is less stressful for the Puppy


You are welcome to view your puppy at 6 wks of age approx, and to minimize any stress to puppy and Mum, we aim to limit this to one day only, we also do the same when it is for the collection of the puppies, so no puppy feels under stress!! If the Mum is one of our care/Guardian homed girls, you will need to come on the visiting day to see her as she will return to her family just after the viewing day.  PLEASE NOTE: During Covid Restrictions our View Days have sadly had to be cancelled.




Puppy Pictures-Some information regarding puppy picture requests,  due to the huge commitment of taking care of puppies, particular newborns,  all the puppy duties, visiting the vets, bathing puppies/dogs, grooming, worming, nail trimming, socialising, feeding. Paper training, crate training. It can be very time consuming, as well as running a family home, it is not always possible to continue sending pictures every 2 wks. I will send pictures as and when or if I am available, without neglecting the above duties, as this takes priority over regular puppy pictures,


when you come on the viewing day, you're welcome to take lots of pictures of your puppy.



Please Note When the puppies have been born I will contact you with the viewing day and collection day this normally falls on a weekend but some times on a week day !


Our Labradoodle Puppies are only available to the very best of homes, and as such all new Labradoodle puppy owners will be vetted. I reserve the right to refuse a person having a Labradoodle puppy up to the point of them leaving my property and any deposit paid will be refunded in this instance. 

Our Labradoodle Puppies are to approved homes only 

Please Read the visiting link