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How To Reserve Your Puppy

1.  Please complete our Enquiry/application  Form                       

     Click Here


2.  Please complete our Reserve form                                         

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3.  On receipt of your reserve form, and provided you meet our criteria, we will forward you details of how to send your deposit in order to join our waiting list. Please note the deposits are refunded only if we fail to provide you with a puppy in the time frame stated.

4.  Please email a Picture of your Safe secure garden to give us assurance that you have a safe enclosed outside space.



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Important Information

Please Note that we do not support customers who leave deposits with multiple breeders in order not to miss out on a puppy.  We are not able to refund your deposit unless we cannot supply you with a puppy.


To be fair to us as the breeder and you as the purchaser if you let us down or if you change your mind, then the deposit is non-Refundable   The deposit is £300 


We offer a lifetime help and guidance and if your circumstances change and you are not able to carry on caring for their puppy we will do our very best to find a loving family home. We will not take a puppy/dog back to re-home, but we will re-home via the website and send any suitable families direct to you, this is to protect our home and premises from any infectious disease and adhere to our Licence regulations, also this is less stressful for the Puppy



Due to the ever changing government guidelines and our commitment to the implementation of our strict procedures to control and minimalise infectious diseases and maintain our high level  of bio security measures, view days are no longer being held at Raisdoodles.  It is therefore extremely important that customers understand (before committing to us) that it will not be possible to visit our home prior to collecting their puppy.  It is vital that both parties are happy and understand the importance of keeping the puppies safe at such a tender time in their lives.   Once you have been allocated a puppy from a particular litter, we will send regular pupdates via video clips and photos so you can watch the puppies develop.  Details of all our breeding dogs together with their health tests are detailed on our website.  We work with our customers to provide regular video clips and photos to help them make the right choices and give advice.


Infectious diseases are invisible to the naked eye and can be spread unwittingly by those visiting various breeding establishments 'looking' to purchase a puppy.  Because we are a private home, we have set a strict procedure in place which is respectful to the puppies, our customers and of course our own family.   If you feel that you are unable to make a quality decision without first visiting a breeder and seeing the puppies before you commit, we would advise that you carry out thorough pre-purchase research and communicate with a breeder AT LENGTH before visiting any breeding establishment.


Please note that to meet the Higher Standards Five Star Breeding Licence, our premises and records are scrutinised by our Local Authority which should give customers confidence and assurance that our measures are for the wellbeing of all concerned.  The five star licence is the higher standards award and is given to breeders who are at LOW RISK of developing any infectious diseases within the breeding premises and who have a STRICT BIO SECURITY POLICY in place with the dogs' and puppies' welfare as priority. We enforce these strict health and safety measures to protect both ourselves, our dogs/puppies and you the customer.


These measures also apply to anyone wishing to visit us to 'meet' our dogs and get a feel for the breed.  We recommend that pre-purchase research is carried out by visiting websites, contacting breeders by email/phone and only supporting those breeders who are fully licenced by their Local Authority.  


Our Australian Labradoodle Puppies are only available to the very best of homes, and so letting us know more about yourself and your family/work commitments is vital in order for us to help and advise you. 


We reserve the right to cancel a deposit, at any point, should we feel your circumstances do not fit our strict selection process.



Our Australian Labradoodle Puppies are sold to approved homes only 



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